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Hundreds of millions of songs and videos are illegally downloaded every month and about one-quarter of all Internet users have downloaded a movie from

What do you think might happen if this situation doesn't change?
Is downloading music or videos without paying any different ethically than shoplifting CDs or DVDs from a store? Why or why not?
Is there a solution to this problem that could make everyone happy?

I need help with finding articles to help with answering these questions
and citing the sources in MLA format please
Last Updated: Mar 23, 2018  |  2 Views
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Walked student through how to use their discovery search box to begin with the following search string: downloading music or videos without paying. Change search string to: "downloading music illegally" then tried music piracy AND ethic* Explained relevance. Student found an article to answer the first qustion.
Began to answer the second question with the following search string: downloading music illegally
Patron had a hard time following along. So waited until they caught up.
Did a different approach, search string: downloading music illegally AND copyright. Then narrowed by date. Found something useful
Worked on 3rd question in similar way.
We finished by going over MLA pointing patron to Purdue's OWL.
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