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I'm not getting email notices from the library! What's going on?

I ended up with overdue fines because the library never emailed me to tell me my books were due.
Last Updated: Mar 11, 2013  |  119 Views

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Check the spam folder in your APU Gmail account!

Unfortunately, IMT temporarily "blacklisted" our library server because they suspected it was sending out spam. This means that all APU Gmail accounts started sending our library email notices straight to the "Spam" folder. Our server has been taken off the blacklist, but once Gmail sends something to spam, it will continue to do so unless you tell it to stop. :(

Luckily, there's an easy fix--just go into your APU Gmail spam folder and look for any messages from the senders "Circ Email Notices" or "III Exporter" (those are our library email "senders"). Select the message(s), then click the "Not Spam" button. This will teach Gmail to send any future notices to your inbox rather than to spam.

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