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I need your assistance in locating a few articles. I am writing a paper on African-American student athletes and their transition to college.

I am looking for literature on the implementation of Proposition 48 and the impact it has had on the eligibility of student athletes. Also another area that I am concentrating on is the exploitation of male African-American student- athletes by colleges and universities that participate in football and basketball at high-profile Division I schools.
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There are several books in our collection that may be of interest to you:*%20or%20athlet*)&searchscope=32&SORT=D. Many of the titles appear to discuss the issues of exploitation and academic success of African American student athletes. Some will only have a chapter or two on your topic, so be sure to click on the titles to view the full tables of contents. Also, most of the books will have bibliographies that you can use to find additional sources.

If you do a similar search in LINK+ (a shared catalog for 52 academic and public libraries in the Western US), you’ll find even more titles:*+or+athlet*)+and+(colleg*).

ERIC appears to have many articles on your topic. Here are some suggested searches you can try. Full text is available for many of the articles (use the “Full Text Finder” button when ERIC doesn’t have a copy of the article).

  1. Keyword search for (black or "african american") AND (sport* or athlet*) AND (colleg*):*+OR+athlet*)+and+(colleg*)&type=1&site=ehost-live
  2.  Same search, with addition of ("division I" or exploit*) keywords:*+OR+athlet*)+and+(colleg*)+and+(%22division+I%22+OR+exploit*)&type=1&site=ehost-live
  3.  Keyword search for (proposition 48):

I’d also recommend searching some of our physical education/sports databases:


  1. SPORTDiscus keyword search for (black or "african american") AND (sport* or athlet*) AND (colleg*) AND ("division I" or exploit*):*+OR+athlet*)+AND+(colleg*)+AND+(%22division+I%22+OR+exploit*))&type=1&site=ehost-live
  2.   We also have a database called Physical Education Index ( that appears to have some relevant articles. I can’t give you a direct link to a search, but try copying and pasting this string into the search box: (black or "african american") AND (sport* or athlet*) AND (colleg*) AND ("division I" or exploit*)


Finally, It looks like there have been several dissertations published on similar topics. Try the following search in a database called ProQuest Dissertations and Theses ( or "african american") AND (sport* or athlet*) AND (colleg*) AND ("division I" or exploit*)

You may also want to try searching ProQuest Dissertations and Theses for the phrase “proposition 48,” as it looks like there are several dissertations that discuss its impact on student athletes.

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