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Hi Michael, In order to bring up articles and their full text, you will first need to go through the LAPU library portal and type in your username and password. Here's the URL:

Go to:

After you login you will be at APU library's main page.

To find articles on your topic, type a few keywords in the All: Quick Search box and click Go. 

You will likely get many many results, which is fine. I suggest starting with large results and then narrowing. 

You can narrow on the left side. First click the box next to "Peer Reviewed" which narrows to scholarly articles.

Then scroll down a few inches and in the date box type 2016 and 2018 (or how far back you can go with your searches for this assignment) and click "apply." You now will have fewer items to look at.

The articles are sorted by "relevance" which means the search tries to put the most useful items at the top. You may find excatly what you need in the top 5-10 items. Any article with a PDF icon will bring up the full text. Any article with the full text icon will also bring up the HTML version of the full text.

If there is no full text you can click on "Full Text Finder" and the full text may be in another of our databases -- or try some of the links on the Full Text Finder page that comes up, such as Google Scholar.

If nothing brings up the full text with the appove ideas, than click on ArticleReach. You will be asked to type three things 1) your First or Last Name, 2) Your Los Angeles Pacific University ID# which is the same as your LAPU ID # (not your username) and 3) your PIN, your PIN is exactly the same number as your LAPU ID #. The next screen will be the ArticleReach form populated with your article information. Double check that the red areas are filled in (Title of the Journal and the Date information). Then scroll down to the bottom and on the left click on the Submit button. You will receive your article in 48 hours or less into your LAPU email. 

Please let me know if you need more help. Glad to do it. 

Dave Harmeyer

626-815-6000 ext. 3255

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