Answered By: Dave Harmeyer
Last Updated: Jan 07, 2019     Views: 8

You're getting that "pay for this article" screen because you are likley not correctly authenticated as a UC student.

As a UC student you will never need to pay for any article (or book). Do the following: go to Click on the tab that says "University College." Next click "University College Login." The next page will give you UC-specific library resources (video tutorials). Now click the red button that says "Access the APU Library." You should see a woman with a blue top. Type in your Username (ex: jsmith11) and your Password (your UC ID #) and click Login. The next screen will be APU's main library page.

If you are already authenticated, you will not see a woman with a blue top but the main library page.

The quickest way to find full text for your article is click in the single box, type a quotation mark ("), then the title of the article followed by a quotation mark. The quotation marks tell the search to only bring up items that have just those words together. On the results page, click on the title of your article.

If there is no full text (usually a PDF icon or HTML full text link) then click the link "Full Text Finder." This searches all other databases we own for the full text.

If there is a delay in the page coming up, feel free to click the "open the page in a new window." You should see the full text come up. If not, then click the other phrase " Full Text Finder - Result (click for options w/o frame). For this page, you will see a list of options to find full text. Try some of them including ones for Google Scholar (if full text is in Google Scholar you will see a link to the RIGHT of the record, click it for full text).

If none of the options appear to work then click "Request free copy of this article through ArticleReach." For UC students if you are asked for a PIN, the PIN is the same as your UC ID #. The next screen you see will be a form filled out with your article's information. Check that -- the journal title and date boxes are filled in (if not fill them in). Finally click the "Summit" button in the lower left corner. You should get a validation screen.

Articles requested from ArticleReach will go to your UC email in 48 hours or less.

Any problems/questions please contact Dave Harmeyer (UC librarian) at 626-815-6000, ext. 3255