Answered By: Steve Jung
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Let me walk you through the process.

1 - go to and click "articles and databases"

2 - from the list choose "medicine / nursing" databases

3 - from the list choose one of the bolded databases (best picks by the subject specialist librarian) - I choose 

CINAHL Plus with Full Text

4 - first try some key words - not to find an article, but to find the proper "subjects" - I choose 8 hour 12 hour and got a list of over 10000 articles.

5 - look at the "subjects" under the titles of the articles - subjects are the technical terms used by librarians to describe the topics covered in an article or book. I found "Shiftwork" or "Shift workers" to be subjects.

6 - enter the "subjects" in the search box and change the drop down to "subject"

7 - then use the limiters of language, date, and academic (sometimes called peer reviewed or refereed). I also added "full text" because I didn't know when the speech was.

That brought the list down to a managable 36 articles to choose from. This link will take you to that list of articles. Read the titles. Read the subjects and choose which articles will be most beneficial.


Prof. Jung