Answered By: Lindsey Sinnott
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Unless each map in the atlas has a different creator listed, you can just cite the whole thing as a book with a corporate author:

Group author (or government agency). (Publication year). Title (edition or report number, if there is one). Place of publication: Publisher.

Made-up example (if the publisher and the author are the same, use “Author” for the publisher’s name):

American Automobile Association. (2010). AAA road atlas (20th ed.). Washington, DC: Author.

Your in-text citation would include the author, date, and page number of the map you’re referencing: (American Automobile Association, 2010, p. 72).

If you’re citing a map (like one you would fold up and keep in your glove compartment), use this format (you may have to look closely at the map to see if a cartographer other than the publisher is listed):

Name of map-maker (Cartographer). (Year). Title of map [Map]. Place of publication: Publisher.

Made-up example:

NAVTEQ (Cartographer). (2009). Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks [Map]. Washington, DC: American Automobile Association.

For pamphlets, use the basic format for books with corporate authors, but put [Pamphlet] after the title, like this:

American Automobile Association. (2010). 101 things to do in Philadelphia [Pamphlet]. Washington, DC: Author.