Answered By: Lindsey Sinnott
Last Updated: Jan 07, 2019     Views: 440

Usually when professors ask you to find a monograph, they are referring to a scholarly book on a fairly narrow subject. You might say that 'monograph' is just a fancy word for 'academic book.' However, reference books are not usually considered to be monographs, and most of the time, your professors are also excluding commentaries when they use the term 'monograph.'

Almost all monographs on the books of Luke and Acts will be found in Stamps Theological Library. You can find them by using the library catalog. Here's how:

Once you're in the catalog, select 'Subject' from the drop-down menu to the left of the search box. Enter one of the following terms into the search box (case doesn't matter):

  • luke criticism interpretation
  • acts criticism interpretation
  • luke and acts criticism interpretation

The first two terms will take you to subject lists - simply click on the subject links to view the title lists (you'll probably want to click on the subject link that has the most number of items as noted by the number to the right). Searching the third term will take you directly to a title list since there are no additional subheadings.

Once you're looking at a list of titles, be sure to looks for those items that are located in 'Theology' as opposed to 'Theology Ref.' 'Theology' items are located in Stamps Library in the middle three stories - these items are monographs, and can be checked out. 'Theology Ref' items are located in Stamps Library on the outer second floor, and cannot be checked out.