Answered By: Lindsey Sinnott
Last Updated: Jan 07, 2019     Views: 244

Unlike records exported from APU's "Classic" catalog ( - more information on exporting those records is available at, records exported from the QuickSearch interface do not work with EndNote's native import filter. We are hoping that this issue will be resolved in future versions of the QuickSearch software, but in the meantime, you can install an APU-customized filter that will allow you to import references from QuickSearch.

The filter is available at

To install it, save the file to your computer and double-click it from your Downloads folder. EndNote will open the Filter Manager, with the APU_QuickSearch filter showing.

Go to File >> Save As, and remove the word "Copy" from the file name. Then click Save. 

This will save the filter in your EndNote software, so you can use it to import references. When you import references from QuickSearch, make sure that the APU_QuickSearch filter is selected.

If you're double-clicking on the file that you exported from QuickSearch, your screen will look like this:

If you're using the Import button within EndNote to open the file, your screen will look like this:

EndNote should successfully import the record, which will look like this:

Note that EndNote automatically assigns a format type of "Journal Article" to anything exported out of QuickSearch, so if you've exported book records, you may need to manually change the format type before saving your reference.

If you have any questions about the EndNote filter, please contact Linsdsey Sinnott  at or 626-815-6000 x5281).