Answered By: Evelyn Shimazu Yee
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 If you were looking for statistics on some "hot topics" such popular social or health topics you might find in the news,  a good place to start would be the Database of CQ researcher. Looking for this database or any others you can start by going to "resources" on the APU menu, then select "library", then if you choose "articles and databases" you can go to the alphabetical database listing to sect your database by subject of the database or in alphbetical order by the name. Since we know the name of the database, Look for CQ researcher chose "C" and under the results from selecting the letter "C", Scroll down until you  find CQ researcher.  Select it and you will be taken to the CQ researcher pages. On the page is a box where you can enter a subject to search or you can select one out of a list of popular topics. This topic was not listed under  The popular topics so you will have to enter the word phrase "childhood obesity". Articles will come up on the screen. This database is known for charts graphs, national statistics,  and is good for citation since CQ Reseacher has footnotes at the end of the articles which also includes the ability to translate references into APA style citation format. You can utilize these instructions to find additional articles and other sources on other popular social  topics and receive statistics in many visual forms. Articles can be sent to you by clicking on the envelope icon.

Outcome note: Student and librarian were able to locate other general databases that could be used such as Academic Search Premiere, JSTOR. Learned how to find other databaes by subject. Student received the beginnings of what was needed. Student left expressing confidence in  how to better navigate databases and was eager to search further on her own following what she had learned. -ey