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Q. Is there a area where I can save articles?

When doing research is there an area where I can compile the documents other than my own hard drive?

Answered By: Sharon Ralston
Last Updated: Jan 07, 2019     Views: 34

Options for saving articles, as you've specified, include using certain databases's options to create a personal subaccount as an authorized APU user via the Sign In option, such as found in EBSCO databases.  Here is info from Academic Search Premier, for example, with info provided once you click on Sign In.   You can save articles to the Folder in the database and then use these other features listed below with your personalized account.   This might be what you are looking for?  Many of our databases are hosted by EBSCO and so this would serve as a kind of repository for many databases.   Another option is using EndNote, although last I knew, it was more reliably advised to use it to save ( and integrate into papers via its features)  bibliographic citations and not so much the full-text tied to those citations.