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1) You can access UpToDate by going to APU's main library page at, scroll down and click on "Articles and Databases" then click "All Databases (A-Z)" 
2) The next page is a list of all our Databases A-Z. Click on the letter "U." then scroll down almost to the bottom and click on UpToDate (only available to APU users). Then on the next page click on "access database" button.
At the top of your screen you may see a notice asking you to accept cookies. If you're OK with that go ahead and click yes.


3) Next you'll likely see the OpenAthens box.

  • For APU patrons, click the TOP part of the box "Log in with your APU CAS account."
  • For nursing preceptors you will need to click the BOTTOM part of the OpenAthens box (the 3rd choice) "OpenAthens Sign in with an OpenAthens account."

4) If you already have an UpToDate personal account, you will need to merge your personal account with an APU UpToDate account. Do do so follow the directions on this LibGuide

5) If you only use an UpToDate native login ("native" means only using the username and password you created for UpToDate and not the OpenAthens link plus your APU UserNet ID and Password), know that you must verify your APU affiliation every 90 days by logging through the UpToDate OpenAthens link. Five days before the expiration date, UpToDate will send you an e-mail reminder to re-verify your account. Click here to see an example of the email. Also, content in your app version must be updated when prompted.
6) To get UpToDate on your smart phone, Go to the iTunes or Google Play Store or search for it in the stores to download the App. More information on the Mobile app can be found here.
If you need more assistance, feel free to contact Dave Harmeyer at or Denise Gehring at For technical assistance, please contact