Answered By: Dave
Last Updated: Sep 29, 2021     Views: 76

If you are having difficulties in bringing up full text of an article -- try a couple of things: 

1) Clear the cache and cookies in your browser. Here's a website that explains how to do that:

2) If that doesn't work, try opening your browser in incognito mode. Here's directions on how to do that:

3) Go to the library's main page:  

  • Scroll down to the blue box and in the single box (Search Everything), type the title of one of the articles (or copy and paste) and click Search. 

  • You should see the record for the article near the top of the results.
  • If you see a PDF icon, just click on it. If you don't see a PDF icon (or another full text link called HTML Full Text) click on the "Full Text Finder" link. Here's a screen capture of that.

  • (Full Text Finder, continued. . .)This will take you to the Full Text Finder Link Result page for that article. If another database, we own, has the full text, you'll see one or more links at the top. Click that. 

  • If there are no links to databases at the top, scroll down a little and click on Google Scholar by Title. This takes you to the record for the article in Google Scholar. If there is full text you'll see a link to the right of the record. Clicking it brings up the full text. Don't click the title, this will likely send you to the publisher's website which will ask you to pay for the article. 

  • Finally if Google Scholar doesn't have full text, return to the Full Text Finder Result page and click on "Request free copy of this article through ArticleReach." You may be asked to be authenticated, type your APU NetID and Password.

  • This takes you to a form all filled out. Click the button in the bottom left corner: Submit, and in 48 hours or less you'll get the full text into your APU email. Very cool.