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Follow these steps to add UpToDate to your smartphone. 

1) First go to APU's library main page on your phone (or your computer) using a browser like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge:

2) Scroll down and click on the tab "Articles and Databases" then click "View all databases." 

3) Scroll again and click on the letter "U" then the database link UpToDate.

4) Next you'll see the OpenAthens box. Click the top part of the box "Log in with your APU CAS account."

5) Type in your User NetID and Password, click enter.

If you see it, click on the Accept green button to accept cookies. 

6) UpToDate has its own account registration. In order to use the mobile app you need to create an UpToDate account. In the upper right corner click on Register. A form will ask you to type in your name, zip code, your speciality, your role and a username and password. 

7) Next, on your computer or smartphone, return to the UpToDate database. Scroll down to the bottom of the first page. Click on the words  "Mobile Access." Next you'll see instructions for "How to Access UpToDate" using UpToDate Mobile.

8) Click on the App store icon or Google Play Apps icon to download the UpToDate app. You should be taken immediately to the app and not need to search for it.


UpToDate app icon

9) After that, bring up the App and log in using your UpToDate account. If you have not registered an account with UpToDate yet you need to go back and do so per instructions above. 


UpToDate login screen on a smartphone

Two important notes:

A) You must "re-verify your affiliation with APU" once every 90 days to keep your account active. Re-verifying must be done by going into the library's main page (either on your computer or on your smartphone using a browser and NOT the UpToDate app) and follow the instructions above to get into UpToDate from the APU library A-Z database list. Also, once you are registered with UpToDate you will receive a reminder in your email to "re-verify your affiliation with APU." 

B) Trying to login with "your Institutional Account" (using your APU User NetID and Password) does not work. You will need to log in with your UpToDate account.

If you have any other issues regarding UpToDate just let me know. Glad to help. 

Dave Harmeyer

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