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Hi Paola,

Here are other ways to limit your search besides selecting the boolean operator "OR"

FOR EXAMPLE: If you are in an EBSCO host database such as Business Source Elite

it gives you three boxes to enter search terms

1. You can add additional search terms in subsequent dialog boxes to narrow your terms.

FOR Example: 

A.  You can enter " women" in the first top search term dialog box and your will receive thousands of hits.

B. Then  you can enter the phrase "leadership" in the second subject heading dialog box.

 that will narrow your search to articles that only deal with women and also that will narrow your choices to only those articles on women that deal with leadership.

C. With every additional search term added to subsequent dialog boxes, it will narrow your search further


2. A second way your can narrow your search is to change the search field type to "SU".

A. Look to the right of the subject dialog box and find the 

field choice button with a black arrow pointing down,


B. Then click on the arrow for a drop down menu of choices of search fields. You will see the letters "SU" as one of the choices you can select from.

C. Then choose "SU".

 that will narrow your search to only those articles that list your subject term as a "subject" of the article. 


3. Narrow the search by Publication date.

A. Scroll way down and look  below the search term dialog boxes.

You will see a box where you can select a range of dates of publication.

B. Type in a beginning date an ending date.

then your search will be narrowed by that date range.


4. A fourth way you can narrow your search is by checking the box "Peer Review."

A. Look on the left of the page and scroll down below the search  dialog boxes.

B. Click on the box to choose only Peer Reviewed articles.

This will narrow your search to only those articles that have been peer reviewed by a scholarly 

review of academics in the field of choice.


5. A fifth way that you can limit or narrow your search is by type of format.

A. Look in the same area below the subject terms search dialog boxes.

Scroll down until you see a choice of format type.

B. Click the drop down menu and choose the type of format you prefer.

Some examples include "article" or "book" etc. 

C. Choose the type of search by format you prefer.

D. This feature will narrow your search by this fifth method

to only those formats your prefer!



Paola, I hope that these 5 ways assist you. If you would like additional help in a phone or zoom meeting,

let me know. 

Please feel free to contact me at if you need further help.


Evelyn Shimazu Yee