Answered By: Evelyn Shimazu Yee
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Hello Sueann,  See the Attachment with Instruction Visuals

Try this for you first question:

1.Go to

2. Click on the tab that says "Articles and Databases"

3. Click on the small black arrow at the right end of the empty dialog box.

4. A pop up window and menu will appear.

5. From the menu select "nursing" 

6. Then select the database CINAHL.

7. Try typing in the first dialog box the words "nursing" 

8. On the right of that first dialog box look for a "field" box to the right of it.

9. Click on the field box and choose "SU"  for subject

10.Then click on the second box under the first dialog box and enter the words "career" 

11. Then again, on the right of that second box go to the "field" box to the right of where you entered the

second term and again choose "SU"

12. Your should receive some hits. If there are not enough articles you prefer, you can remove

the the "SU" from the field and it will broaden the search and give you more hits.


If you have any difficulty with this you can contact our nursing librarian, Denise Gehring who will be emailed this response on

a courtesy copy. So you will see her email. 

The bottled water question is a separate question which we can discuss separately.