Answered By: Dave Harmeyer
Last Updated: Jun 02, 2022     Views: 5

Try the following: 

1) Watch this one minute video to see if it clears up your issue:

2) Bring up Zotero and check if you have the current update. Go to Help and click "Check for Updates."

3) Zotero works best with the browser Firefox because it supports direct export into Zotero. Download Firefox here:

4) Make sure you have added Zotero's Connector to your browser (it will show up in the upper right corner). Zotero's Connector allows you to save citations to Zotero directly from your web browser. There are Connectors for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. To add it to your browser go here:

5) If you are using one of APU's library databases, go to this LibGuide and follow directions for moving citation information from the database into Zotero:

Note that the directions are for EndNote, but you will find "Zotero" listed along with EndNote in the instructions, so it's basically the same. The one thing you will need to do is - export the citation/s to a location on your hard drive, then go to that file and double-click it. THEN the citations will be exported into Zotero. 

6) Another way is to simply use the Connector approach, the icon for Zotero in the upper right corner of your browser. First get a set of records on your page. Then click the Connector icon, wait a few moments (might take 20 seconds or so) for a box to show, listing the records on the page by abbreviated titles with a small box to the left of each title. Click those boxes you want to export into Zotero, then click the export button and they should go by direct export (no need to find the file on your hard drive and double click it). 

Please don't hesitate to email me Dave Harmeyer for continued issues with Zotero or let's meet in my Zoom office - just click this link to make an appointment: