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Hello Geahna!

The way you can narrow your searches is to change what you choose to enter in the dialog boxes when you are in a database search.

Assuming you know what a database search string  looks like in Ebsco I will use that for an example.  

1. In the first box enter your main search term then click "search".

2. You will receive a larger number of hits with just one term.  Then ...

3. To "narrow" your search A) you will add a SECOND term in the SECOND dialog box, that defines it  or qualifies the search further, thus narrowing the search.

Once you have done this, enter your new search string with an additional (one more) term by clicking on "search" again.

4. Your results will be narrowed further each time you add a new search term.

The more terms you enter, the NARROWER your results will be.


5. Articles and resources that ONLY fit ALL  of your more specific narrowing terms will turn up thus NARROWING the search!


I hope this all makes sense to you!.

6. Another way your search can be narrowed is by changing the "field" to the right of the search dialog box to "subject" or "SU".

Then your search will be narrowed only if the article's "topic"  or subject was listed as a "subject heading" in the record.

Therefore narrowing the search for you to the most relevant articles or other resources.


I hope the above helps you in narrowing your search. 

If you have questions about the above process,  feel free to contact me or another librarian at APU by phone or email.


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