Answered By: Luba Zakharov
Last Updated: Feb 01, 2024     Views: 2

Dear Mr. Clem,

Thank you for your interest in APU's Special Collections and Archives.

Do note that the APU University Archives does not make any of its historic documents or creative works available for sale or resale.  These historic works are the property of APU and as such, are protected by copyright.  In order, as you ask, to make its creative content available to the public, APU would have to grant licensing of its property to ASCAP, BMI, etc. and it is not within our purview to do so, especially since both the Special Collections and University Archives are currently closed.

We are grateful for your interest in APU and for the ways you contributed to its history.

Thank you for being in touch and we are sorry we are not able to assist with your request.

Kind Regards,